How to Video Call with Apple TV

If you've ever video called with your parents, you know it's one of the best ways to stay in touch.  It's even more fun when you get your family on the couch and video call on TV.  Strangely, there are no video calling apps available on Apple TV.  However, you can still video call with Apple TV on the big-screen.  You can use either the old (3rd generation) or new (4th generation) Apple TV.  All you need is your iPhone.  Just follow these steps:
1. Connect your iPhone and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.  
2. On your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to reveal the AirPlay icon.  
3. Tap the AirPlay icon to reveal the AirPlay list.
4. Tap Apple TV and turn on mirroring.  Your TV should now show exactly what your iPhone shows.  
5. Launch any video calling app on your iPhone (such as FaceTime, Skype, or ooVoo) and start a video call.   
You're ready to video call on TV, but you'll want to position your iPhone just above your TV and point it at you.  That way, you'll have a good camera angle and eye contact with your caller.  It's no coincidence that webcams are all placed above monitors.  A lower placement results in unflattering camera angles from below your chin that prevent a natural conversation.  
If you don't have a ledge just above your TV, use TellyMount.  It's a premium smartphone holder that easily attaches to virtually any TV.  TellyMount can rotate and tilt your phone in any direction to make sure everyone on the couch gets in-frame on the video call.