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Not your typical smartphone holder

TellyMount is a smartphone holder that positions your smartphone above your TV. It allows you to use your smartphone to make video calls or play motion based games right on your TV.

A whole new way to video call

See the difference when you make video calls on the big screen instead of your smartphone. Catch up with friends and family through your TV from the comfort of your couch. Have video calls without crowding around or squinting at a tiny screen. You won't want to video call on just a smartphone again.

Set up is easy

Avoid awkward camera angles with TellyMount

To video call on TV, your smartphone should be positioned at the proper height and camera angle. Otherwise, you'll appear awkward and won't have eye-contact with your callers. TellyMount puts your smartphone in the perfect position. See the difference below.

Gaming on a new dimension

Get ready to move, jump, and dance! There are full-body motion games for your smartphone (not included with TellyMount) that are begging to be played on the big screen. Mirror these Kinect-like games onto your TV with Apple TV, Chromecast, or another method. Then, use TellyMount to adjust your phone’s camera to the perfect angle for gameplay.

Get the latest news and updates on TellyMount

Designed to fit  

Adjustable Positioning

TellyMount raises your phone to the ideal height for video calls, which is right above the TV's bezel. You can also tilt your phone in any direction or rotate it from portrait to landscape. You can even position your phone backwards to use the higher-quality back camera.


Fits Virtually All Phones

TellyMount fits almost all smartphones (even with a case) including, iPhone, Android (such as Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note), Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Fits Virtually All TVs

The flexible tail on TellyMount can be easily bent to fit virtually any TV or computer monitor. All surfaces of TellyMount that touch your display are lined with a protective coating to prevent scratching.